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RE: Bind `q' to `quit-window' or similar in *Messages*

From: Roland Winkler
Subject: RE: Bind `q' to `quit-window' or similar in *Messages*
Date: Wed, 03 Feb 2010 19:28:40 -0600

> Absolutely I want that. I want to be able to write in *Messages*.
> Yes, I can toggle read-only, but if `q' quits, then that defeats
> the purpose.
> I sometimes find myself with tons of messages being logged, and
> when I make several successive tests I sometimes type stuff in
> Messages to distinguish test sequences etc. And I kill sections of
> text there, or copy text (including text I've added) to other
> buffers, and so on.

I understand your point. Yet my typing in this buffer is purely
accidental / unintentional. And I find it annoying that the
*Messages* buffer does not have an undo history. So from that
perspective, it appears to me that the original design did not have
in mind the possibility of editing this buffer. So I want to suggest
two things:

- *Messages* should not have buffer-undo-list set to t

  (Of course, I do not know whether this would collide with anything

- Some customization that allows one to toggle between a read-only
  *Messages* buffer (with q bound to quit-window) and an edit mode
  where one can do whatever one likes to do. 

  (How do the normal entries in *Messages* find their way into this
  buffer? Does this mechanism care whether this buffer is read-only
  or not? I just tried it and it appears to gives no errors.)


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