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From: Stephen J. Turnbull
Date: Thu, 10 May 2012 16:44:37 +0900

Eric Schulte writes:

 > Yes, and gmx displays text/plain alternatives as well (although it also
 > includes the text as an attachment).  Unfortunately when the text/plain
 > alternative is provided Gnus does *not* fontify the text/x-sh preferred
 > alternative but instead renders the plain text -- which sort of defaults
 > the purpose of the whole exercise.

No, it doesn't, because Gnus can be fixed to conform.  In this case, I
suspect that either the message was improperly composed with the
alternatives in the wrong order[1] (ie, Gnus behaves correctly on the
reading end at least), or Gnus doesn't handle text/x-sh but only
application/x-sh or text/sh or something like that.

 > Also, this approach requires either some explicit function call or some
 > new markup to mime-encode code examples as part of message composition.

The (non-alternative) 'type="text/whatever"' approach doesn't require
either, and even if Gnus currently doesn't handle it correctly, adding
a check for "text/emacs-lisp" etc in the same place where it currently
checks for "application/emacs-lisp" will make it work fine.

[1]  Order matters because "the alternatives appear in an order of
increasing faithfulness to the original content.  In general, the
best choice is the LAST part of a type supported by the recipient
system's local environment." -- RFC 2046

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