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From: Miles Bader
Date: Thu, 10 May 2012 22:51:05 +0900

"Stephen J. Turnbull" <address@hidden> writes:
>  > Only [Gnus] we can fix. So in any case, I don't believe we can
>  > ever afford not to emit the text/plain alternative for dumb (yet
>  > potentially even conformant) MUAs.
> Maybe.
> But given that we know that Gmail deliberately goes out of its way
> to suck in our community (eg, encouraging top-posting, which has its
> place but it ain't here[1]), I don't really think we should consider
> problems with Gmail an argument against using standard constructs.
> If Thunderbird or nmh or mutt has issues or
> whatever-the-GNOMEish-MUA-is does, that's another matter.

That doesn't make any sense at all.... Gmail doesn't "go out of it's
way to suck in our community" any more than any other popular mail
client does; AFAICT, its main sin is that they too readily follow bad
examples set by _other_ popular mail MUAs...  [Top-posting being the
obvious example:  annoying may it be, it's pretty much the way things
are done everywhere except the hardcore ye-olde-unix-users community;
people _expect_ it.]

Gmail is representive of "the unwashed wider world", although it's far
better than many other common examples of such.  Much of the fancy
cool stuff Gnus does correctly is badly supported _everywhere_, not
just by gmail.  So while I think it's silly to ignore gmail, because
it's vastly more popular than Gnus, if you still want to for whatever
reason, it _still_ seems a bad idea to ignore the general class of
mail clients it represents....

I think that basically, unless you _know_ that most of your readership
is using Gnus or some other client that properly handles all these
funny cases, you have to be kind of conservative in what you send.

It sucks I suppose, but whatever.  To be honest, correct font-locking
of Emacs lisp is such a fringe issue that it's hard to care very


We live, as we dream -- alone....

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