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Re: xref-find-matches and stuff

From: martin rudalics
Subject: Re: xref-find-matches and stuff
Date: Thu, 14 May 2015 12:13:19 +0200

>> .../globals.h
>>    #define focus_follows_mouse
>>      bool f_focus_follows_mouse;
>> How am I supposed to proceed from here?
> It depends on what you mean by "proceed".  I understand that you want
> to see the corresponding DEFVAR_* line, is that right?


> Your wish has been granted in commit 8d69f38.

Thank you very much.

>> That it goes to the definition of Vmake_pointer_invisible in frame.c
>> (and never to that in globals.h).
> It will now offer both.  (I don't think I agree with that "never"
> part, because it is important, and exactly what the user wants, in
> some use cases, although evidently not in yours.)

OK with me (as long as the frame.c definition comes first).

I never worked with 'make TAGS' before.  Currently it's some sort of
pain to use for me, probably because of this

## FIXME? In out-of-tree builds, should TAGS be generated in srcdir?

(line 601 of Makefile.in).  Couldn't I direct it somehow to create the
TAGS file in the src directory?

Also, is there a way to tell it to not make emacs itself, that is, just
build the TAGS files and do nothing else?

OTOH what would my corresponding --regex argument to etags be now when
calling etags via shell-command?


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