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Re: `read--expression' and `read-minibuffer'

From: Stefan Monnier
Subject: Re: `read--expression' and `read-minibuffer'
Date: Sun, 04 Sep 2016 00:40:41 -0400
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> Well, sure, there are Lisp objects (e.g. byte-compiled
> functions) that are not readable expressions.  But those are
> not readable anyway, AFAIK.

Lists of symbols are Lisp object, are perfectly readable, but shouldn't
use `read--expression'.  `read--expression' is to read the subset of
S-exps which represent an Elisp expression (something that would be
meaningful to pass to `eval', for example).

> Why isn't `read--expression' treated as a user function, like
> `read-minibuffer', instead of being considered "internal"?

Can't remember the details, but I think it's because it's easier to make
it "external" than the reverse.

> And `read-minibuffer' is still used for `interactive' with
> spec "x".  Why isn't `read--expression' used for that now?

Not sure either.  Probably just a conservative choice.


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