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Re: Emacs on Ubuntu advice

From: Fabrice Popineau
Subject: Re: Emacs on Ubuntu advice
Date: Mon, 16 Oct 2017 16:15:30 +0200

2017-10-16 16:04 GMT+02:00 Jay Kamat <address@hidden>:
Hi Fabrice,

> Back to my original question, I have spent quite a time looking for settings to
> get the same crisp rendering of the Consolas font with Emacs-w64 and the one running from WSL
> and failed to up to now.

I remember this distinctly from a while ago (but I can't test it now,
because I don't have a windows box anymore).

My 2c is that:

1. GUI Applications aren't supported at all with WSL. Are you sure
whatever 3rd party X server you are running isn't the problem? (The one
I found seemed very questionable).

Actually, the X server was the problem.
Albeit Mobaxterm seems to be a very fine product , it doesn't seem to advertise 
Windows that it is high-dpi compatible.
This can be solved easily by checking the compatibility tab of mobaxterm, and setting
that the application is responsible for any scaling.

I had to do this a few years ago (Windows 8.1), but forgot about it because no application required
this recently (and Mobaxterm is from august of this year, so I didn't expect a problem like this).

2. When I tried it a while back, I had this problem with all
applications (terrible, blurry font rendering), not just Emacs.

I ended up moving back to a native windows Emacs installation (and
occasionally a cygwin one) for the times I'm stuck on windows for some
reason. I find the cygwin works much better than WSL, but I guess that's
personal preference. I think you may be able to access files in WSL from
the native windows port of emacs (and it has better integration to the
rest of the system too, such as putty).
Actually, I use both MSYS2/Mingw64 and WSL much more recently.
I have stopped with Cygwin long ago because of some options they took
that I didn't find very user friendly.

WSL seems stable these days and the ability to share files transparently is great.
 (I am on the slow insider ring however, so Windows 10 is 1709 16299.19)

Emacs works perfectly with minor parts of my single init.el file depending on the system.
All of my Org directory is avalaible to both versions and render perfectly.


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