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RE: new-flex-completion-style

From: Drew Adams
Subject: RE: new-flex-completion-style
Date: Thu, 14 Feb 2019 19:20:47 +0000 (UTC)

> > > Tho the equivalent regexp I'm using here is ".*a.*b.*c.*" not
> > > "a.*b.*c" as your page states.
> >
> > With Icicles regexp matching for completion you don't need the
> > initial `.*'.

And you don't need the final `.*', I should have added
(didn't notice it in your pattern).

It sounds like you're always trying to match all chars
in a line.  I'm not.  I'm not dealing with lines, in
general.  I'm matching a pattern against a string, in
> Let me state it another way.  Does your system match "foo"
> to "barfoobaz" or does it fail?

It matches.

> If so, then I think your _equivalent_ regexp is probably .*f.*o.*o.*

(string-match-p "f.*o.*o" "barfoobaz") => 3

Scatter-matching is used with "apropos" completion.
It's just regexp completion, using the substituted
regexp.  Substituting regexp `f.*o.*o' for input
`foo' just does the above `string-match-p'.

> > I don't use any scoring for scatter matching.
> > Icicle users usually have a bunch of sort orders they can use
> Right. Which one do you use, when you use scatter-matching?

Any of them.  Depends on what I'm doing and what I want.
Scatter-matching is typically not specific to particular
contexts, and thus to any context-specific sort orders.

Can you see that some of the following predefined orders
might be advantageous in particular contexts/use cases?
Can you see that whether matching is scatter, regexp,
basic prefix, or others, any of the following can be

(As I said, there are a couple of fuzzy-match methods
that impose their own sort order, but most do not.
Similarly, a few commands impose their own sort order -
they don't allow re-sorting.)

some of the Icicles sort orders that exist by default:


 by last use as input
 by previous use alphabetically

Color completion:

 by color name (colors)
 by hue (colors)
 by purity/saturation (colors)
 by brightness/value/luminance (colors)
 by all HSV components, in order (colors)
 by HSV distance from a base color (colors)
 by amount of red (colors)
 by amount of green (colors)
 by amount of blue (colors)
 by all RGB components, in order (colors)
 by RGB distance from a base color (colors)

Key completion:

 by key name, prefix keys first (keys)
 by key name, local bindings first (keys)

Command completion:

 by command name (commands)
 by abbrev frequency (commands)

Buffer-name completion:

 by buffer size (buffer names)
 *…* buffers last (buffer names)
 by major mode name (buffer names)
 by mode-line mode name (buffer names)
 by file/process name (buffer names)

File-name completion:

 by last file modification time (file names)
 by file type (extension) (file names)
 by directories first or last (file names)


 in book order (Info)
 special candidates first
 proxy candidates first
 extra candidates first
 by second multi-completion part (multi-completions)

 turned OFF (does not sort at all) 

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