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Re: Changing dictionary while flyspell-buffer is running

From: Joost Kremers
Subject: Re: Changing dictionary while flyspell-buffer is running
Date: Thu, 21 Feb 2019 20:42:21 +0100
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On Thu, Feb 21 2019, Eli Zaretskii wrote:
From: Titus von der Malsburg <address@hidden>
2. If you set multiple dictionaries, you
will get false negatives since a typo in one language might be a word in another language. Depending on the set of languages used, this could
be a real problem.

It could be. IME, it never is, as of the 3 languages I write fluently and frequently each uses a different script, so no false negative is ever possible. Even when using several languages that use the same
script, say, Latin, the accented letters usually prevent false

That really depends on the languages involved. Dutch and English, for example, use very few accents, and even German, which has ä ö ü and ß, doesn't use these letters that often. I would suspect that most Western-European languages use so few accents that confusions of the type Titus refers to are quite possible.

Finally, guessing a language is also not 100% correct, especially when short phrases from some language are inserted into text written in
another language, something that happens a lot in email
correspondence, for example.

The method Titus' package employs is quite reliable, IME. (I'm a user of his package). Sometimes, when the relevant text is very short (a single line), German is recognized as Dutch, but usually, it works extremely well. (I have it configured for Dutch, German and English, which, due to these languages being closely related, are probably not easy to tell apart.)

Joost Kremers
Life has its moments

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