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Re: Tab bar tabs landed on master

From: Juri Linkov
Subject: Re: Tab bar tabs landed on master
Date: Sun, 06 Oct 2019 00:55:33 +0300
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> I would like to ask you the possibility to make the tab-bar-switch-*
> commands cyclic (after last go to first) even if not by default? The
> problem is that in xterm (and related) it is not possible to sent
> C-S-TAB, so in some cases (few tabs) it will be good enough to repeat
> C-TAB. Even without this xterm issues it is easier to repeat C-TAB 2 or
> 3 times than changing the hands to type C-S-TAB.

Now cyclic switching implementation is pushed to master.

Some examples of prefix arguments that support cycling:

C-2 C-TAB switches to the second next tab
C-- C-TAB switches to the previous tab

These switching commands interpret their arg as relative offsets.
If you want to select a tab by its absolute position, this is now
possible with e.g.

  (dotimes (i 9)
    (global-set-key (vector (list 'super (+ i 1 ?0)))

I don't know what prefix key or modifier could be used by default,
but this example allows `s-1' to select the first tab
in the tab bar, `s-2' the second, etc.

A new option tab-bar-tab-hints shows absolute positions of tabs
in the tab bar to help in selecting tabs by their numbers.

The same way now the arg is interpreted by tab-close as the absolute
position of tab to close, so e.g.

C-2 C-x 6 0 closes the second tab (instead of the current tab by default)

tab-new could support the prefix argument as well, but
I don't know whether to interpret its numeric prefix argument
as absolute or relative position because both ways are useful:

C-2 C-x 6 2 - could create a new tab as the second tab in the tab-bar


C-2 C-x 6 2 - create a new tab as the second next
              to the right from the current tab
C-u -2 C-x 6 2 - create a new tab as the second previous
                 to the left from the current tab

Maybe to add a rule that if tab-bar-new-tab-to option has a relative value
like 'right' then M-x tab-new should interpret its arg as relative, or if
tab-bar-new-tab-to option has an absolute value like 'rightmost' then M-x
tab-new should interpret arg as absolute?

Or maybe to add a new command tab-add as a wrapper for tab-new
to translate its relative arg to absolute number for tab-new?

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