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Re: Tab bar tabs landed on master

From: Eli Zaretskii
Subject: Re: Tab bar tabs landed on master
Date: Mon, 07 Oct 2019 20:18:59 +0300

> From: Juri Linkov <address@hidden>
> Cc: address@hidden,  address@hidden,  address@hidden
> Date: Sun, 06 Oct 2019 22:53:40 +0300
> > I agree, but if "C-x 6" is already used, it's taken.  Is it such a
> > catastrophe to use "C-x 7"?
> "C-x 7" is an illogical key, it breaks the sequence of C-x 4, C-x 5.

Then how about the suggestion to use "C-x t" instead?

> We need to ask the users of 2C how often they use C-x 6.
> I believe they are using a more mnemonic key f2.

Asking them and receiving the answers could take ages.  I don't think
we have that time.  We need to decide soon, because once the emacs-27
branch is cut, it will be harder to make such changes.

Would more people please speak up on this issue, and suggest
alternative prefixes if they have ideas about that?

> As the comment in two-column.el explains, a choice of C-x 6 for 2C-command
> was just a historic accident.

That might be so, but I don't think we can correct that accident
without some transition period.  Which is not possible ion this case.

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