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Re: Tab bar tabs landed on master

From: Juri Linkov
Subject: Re: Tab bar tabs landed on master
Date: Mon, 07 Oct 2019 00:27:21 +0300
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>>> "C-x 6" is the perfect prefix for tab commands because it's easier to
>>> remember as continuation of the sequence with window prefix "C-x 4"
>>> and frame prefix "C-x 5":
> Actually, I think it would be a more logical progression to have
> C-x 4  -  other-window
> C-x 5  -  other-tab
> C-x 6  -  other frame
> Tho this is mostly for frame-level tabs.  Window-level tabs would
> naturally come before all that (i.e. C-x 3). :-(

BTW, should we also have the variable pop-up-tabs?  I hope not :-)

> Which brings me to: could someone look into extending the
> `other-frame-window` GNU ELPA package so it also works on tabs?

I could help the author of `other-frame-window` to extend it
with tabs.  It uses these prefixes:

C-x 7  -  other-window
C-x 9  -  other-frame

But I don't know what prefix to propose for other-tab.
There are no more digits available on the C-x prefix.

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