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Re: add Tab to ELPA other-frame-window

From: Juri Linkov
Subject: Re: add Tab to ELPA other-frame-window
Date: Mon, 07 Oct 2019 23:14:27 +0300
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>>> Which brings me to: could someone look into extending the
>>> `other-frame-window` GNU ELPA package so it also works on tabs?
>> I could help the author
> That's me

Glad to help you on extending the package with tabs.

>> of `other-frame-window` to extend it with tabs. It uses these
>> prefixes:
>> C-x 7  -  other-window
>> C-x 9  -  other-frame
>> But I don't know what prefix to propose for other-tab.
>> There are no more digits available on the C-x prefix.
> I always bind different keys for the prefix anyway (M-m other-window,
> M-M other-frame); we could just define the functions and not choose a
> default binding.
> Or use C-x t; that's free.

I like it, 'C-x t' has nice mnemonics, and on a Qwerty keyboard
't' is located near '6', so 'C-x t' is not harder to type than 'C-x 6',
but let's hear more opinions before changing 'C-x 6' to 'C-x t'.

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