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Re: jit-lock-antiblink-grace

From: João Távora
Subject: Re: jit-lock-antiblink-grace
Date: Sun, 13 Oct 2019 11:48:45 +0100

On Sun, Oct 13, 2019 at 11:18 AM Alan Mackenzie <address@hidden> wrote:
> Why do you have to be so hostile?
> You start by snipping my entire post, bar one word, so that people can't
> see my point of view that you're supposedly replying to.

The word I left was the only thing that interested me in your whole
post.  It was a simple "No." reply to one of my earlier statements, and
I replied by correcting myself and admitting I misattributed an
intention to you.  How can that be hostile?  Also, people will
presumably have access to the conversion, it's not secret.

> Then you generally disparage my work, vaguely and unspecifically.  If
> there's something about CC Mode workings you don't like, say what it is.
> Then I can see if the mode can be further improved.

Stating disagreement is not the same as disparaging.  Also, as I wrote,
I have no intention of convincing you to change CC Mode.  I already
spent a good deal of effort trying to do so in the past, I gave up, and
I have no plans or energy topersist..  I'd much rather invest in
alternatives, sorry :-), but that's being honest, not hostile.  

> Please don't post more posts like the one I'm replying to.  They're not
> helpful, and spoil the generally positive and cooperative tone on this
> list.

I'm not spoiling anything Alan, don't overreact.  The feature I'm
proposing is for all Emacs modes, and is related to the past discussion
(was it really July? perhaps) in the sense that some people brought up
the "flashing/blinking" behaviour in connection to it.

You're of course well welcome to discuss the merits/flaws of my
proposal, but outside the scope of CC Mode (unless of course you show it
has some adverse effect _specific_ to CC Mode).


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