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Re: set-frame-size should respect line-spacing!?

From: martin rudalics
Subject: Re: set-frame-size should respect line-spacing!?
Date: Sun, 13 Oct 2019 14:51:46 +0200

>> Sorry for my insistence but 'window-resize' has nothing to do with the
>> frame size.
> But this discussion was about set-frame-size, at least that's what I
> thought.

The 'set-frame-size' problem is inherently related to Bug#14825: Both
are about how to take line spacing and face remapping into account
when resizing windows.  Just that the former affects the frame size as

>> My concerns are that we call 'window--size-to-pixel' when
>> we resize or split a window.  So if we want to special-code the split
>> window case and _not_ the 'window-resize' case, I have to either
>> special-code 'window--size-to-pixel' too or call some other function
>> instead.
> What is the window-resize case?

That of how it should handle line spacing and face remapping when
resizing a window.  For example, how should we relate the desired
height of a window to the value of 'window-min-height' when these are
in effect?  We cannot leave this question unanswered when we allow
'split-window' to make a window smaller than 'window-min-height'
because face remapping has made a window's default face font smaller.


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