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Re: Tabs

From: Angelo Graziosi
Subject: Re: Tabs
Date: Sun, 13 Oct 2019 16:49:48 +0200 (CEST)

I am trying to use these tabs but, at moment, I find them very "obscure".

Usually I use tabbar and sr-speedbar from MELPA, so  I removed from the init.el 
file the code regarding tabbar but _NOT_ that for sr-speedbar and delete the 
desktop file.

To try to understand how these tabs work I have build current master 
(f113ae59222) and the emacs.pdf manual (all on Windows).

When I start Emacs, it displays the scratch buffer and after M-x tab-bar-mode I 
see two empty box (see tab-bar-01.png in attachment). The tooltips say 'Current 
tab' and 'New Tab'. I visited another file, and another using the sr-sppedbar 
and would expect to see these in their own tabs but the result is that 
'scratch(2)' is replaced by the first and then the other file name with the 
ending '(2)' (Why this '(2)'?). See tab-bar-02.png. 

How can I see the visited files in tabs? When I click in the box whose tooltip 
says 'New tab', it seems that the same buffer is in more than a tab.

When I use C-x 6 b ... I see another file in tab (tab-bar-03.png) but to switch 
between the I have to click more times, at least initially, and why all those 
empty box?

When I use tabbar.el from MELPA, all I need is to install the package, start 
Emacs, type M-x tabbar-mode and visit files with C-x f or with the sr-speedbar..

It seems that 'M-x global-tab-line-mode' works similarly to tabbar.el from 
MELPA but just visiting four files truncates their names (tab-bar-04.png) in 
tabs instead of shifting them as in tabbar.el (in which a scrolling mechanism 
can retrieve the tabs "hidden")...

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