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Re: Tabs

From: Juri Linkov
Subject: Re: Tabs
Date: Sun, 13 Oct 2019 23:24:35 +0300
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>> > It is not what I get!  I never see a tab-bar with that code.  No tabs in
>> > Info mode buffers.  We obviously see something different!
>> Have you really enabled tab-bar-mode?
> Ok, when I explicitly enable it it works.  But I had expected that the
> custom setter of `tab-bar-show' would already do that...?

`tab-bar-show' affects only tab commands.

>> > Plus, what I really want to achieve is to have tabs in Info and _no_
>> > tab-bar in other buffers - a hidden instead of an empty tab bar.  Is
>> > that even possible?
>> This is possible but will have a “shaking” effect: switching to
>> an Info buffer will shift the whole text area down to free screen space
>> for the tab-bar, and switching to another buffer will move text up
>> after automatically removing the tab-bar.
> I think that would be acceptable: all buffers where I want tabs will
> probably be displayed in a separate one-window frame.  Ok, and how do I
> get that?

Then the solution is much simpler - in that frame just set

  (set-frame-parameter nil 'tab-bar-lines 1)

and to 0 in all other frames.

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