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Re: master 1e3b0f2: Improve doc strings of project.el

From: Theodor Thornhill
Subject: Re: master 1e3b0f2: Improve doc strings of project.el
Date: Sat, 20 Jun 2020 10:19:45 +0000

> Which API did you have in mind?
> In any case, my proposal was not about the API itself, it was more
> about the implementation of the API.  For example, we could have an
> implementation of the generic project-files API that consulted some
> list instead of asking the VCS or the filesystem to provide the files.

Yeah, this is kind of what I was thinking with the
'project-additional-buffers' idea.  This could be implementation
agnostic as well, and be just a flat list connected to some root,
persisted in the project list.  As such, this will always be consulted
when invoking "project-find-files", "project-switch-to-buffer" etc.
Then we are free to implement and choose the "main" implementation of
the API, most likely at first the VC version, since it is the fastest
one.  Later, other notions of projects could be added.  However, I don't
want to step too far into Dmitrys domain without him chiming in.

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