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Re: [Orgmode] automatically jumping to stored note location

From: Adam Spiers
Subject: Re: [Orgmode] automatically jumping to stored note location
Date: Fri, 13 Jun 2008 10:38:03 +0100
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On Fri, Jun 13, 2008 at 10:23:38AM +0200, Carsten Dominik wrote:
> On Jun 11, 2008, at 12:53 PM, Adam Spiers wrote:
> >On Wed, Jun 11, 2008 at 07:16:21AM +0200, Dominik, C. wrote:
> >>Hi Adam,
> >>
> >>I have now implemented this feature, exactly as ordered :-),
> >>with %&.
> >
> >Woohoo!  Awesome, thanks - I have wanted that one for a long time :-)
> >Seems to work great.  I have three comments/questions related to this
> >and similar org-remember details:
> >
> > 1) Ideally %& would preserve the position of the point within the
> >    template when it arrives in the final destination.  This is
> >    particularly important if a template has all three of %? %! and
> >    %&, otherwise %? is effectively ignored when %! and %& are
> >    present.
> That does now work, I believe.

It seems to ensure that the point is wherever %& was, rather than
wherever %? was.  Is that intentional?

> > 2) It doesn't seem possible to set up a template so that it will
> >    always insert at the very top of a particular file.  I really
> >    miss that, since I keep most TODOs at the top level, and I like
> >    a "newest first" view by default when not in the agenda.
> Well, the newest first is no problem, just use the first headline in
> the file as remember target and configure the variable org-reverse-
> note-order to make sure that the specified file it treated in this
> way.
> Having said that, you can now use `top' or `bottom' as values for
> the remember target heading, and the note will then be filed as a
> level 1 entry to the top or bottom of the file, respectively.

That's *exactly* what I was after, and I love the way you've
implemented it; thanks!

> > 3) I am a bit confused by the 'Selection interface for heading' 5th
> >    option of a remember template.  It doesn't seem to have any
> >    effect - how is it supposed to interact with
> >    `org-remember-store-without-prompt'?
> Yes, this is confusing, I agree.  When
> `org-remember-store-without-prompt' is set (which is the default),
> all the positioning interface stuff is completely by-passed.
> Setting nil for file or headline really means: use the default,
> taken from `org-default-notes-file' and
> `org-remember-default-heading', respectively.

Thanks for the clarification - and the changes to the Customize UI
seem spot on too.

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