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[Forge-main] Re: Mecanics

From: Enrique Perez
Subject: [Forge-main] Re: Mecanics
Date: Thu, 14 Nov 2002 18:35:01 -0800 (PST)

Hail! Duncan / Sisyphus wrote:
> Oh, goodness me -- thank you very much for the
> courtesy, Enrique, but you don't even have to ask. 
> Write away, write away, with my blessings!

How should we go about this? I can post anything sent to me on my website, in 
the future I'd like
to know how people will collaborate in freeroleplay. Putting stuff on the 
mailing list works,
especially since it will automatically be archived at:

Do you have an outline of your world? I'd mainly like to work on the technology 
side and the
history just where it diverges from our own line, for which I think a good time 
is at the siege of
Syracuse when Archimedes was defending.

Ricardo wrote:
> Enrique's excellent suggestion for exploding dice rules are added in the
> optional complications section beneath the main task resolution rules. I
> suuggest we have both negative and positive exploding dice (a natural
> roll of 1 means you roll again and subtract the amount).

Thanks for adding my suggestion to forge. I've never used negative exploding 
dice, ( imploding
dice :) but, after you mentioned that, it seems useful. We should eventually 
have rules for
fumbling and disaster in general when a modified roll, after implosion or 
because of really low
skills, goes below a certain number.

> It has come to my attention that the name FORGE is already used in reference 
> to roleplaying in a
> couple of other situations.

It would be good to have a unique name for the game system. Forge is a good 
name; but, it would be
useful both for trademark purposes and to help people find the forge system on 
google if they
forgot the web address to create a new name that hasn't been used before in any 
context ever.
Should we go with a Greek themed primary world we could try Fangopolis, derived 
really roughly
from something like city of fantasy.


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