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Re: [Forge-main] Happy Holidays

From: Ricardo Gladwell
Subject: Re: [Forge-main] Happy Holidays
Date: 11 Jan 2003 11:57:48 +0000

Dear All,

Sorry my reply has been so long in the coming but I've been very busy
with a new job I've just started. As I begin to settle in I hope to
start devoting more and more of time to FRINGE and the FRPGC again.

Jerry, it looks good. You don't need the 'All Skills' category, so what
you have in effect is 4-tiered skill hierarchy. I have to admit, I don't
like the abritrary division of 'mental' and 'physical' skills. Many of
the physical skills also use mental abilities, such as music, and go
against the arbitrary 'pick any attribute and any skill' mechanic we
use. However, I like the final three tiers (e.g. Science -> Mathematics
-> Algebra).

I'm still not sure how simple such a categorisation would be. What I'm
looking for is a fairly simple list of reasonably generic skills for out
system (see my initial email on this matter).Jerry's list is still too
open ended, although it makes a fine categorisation system for the
Sciences skills and so forth.


Ricardo Gladwell
President, Free Roleplaying Community

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