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Re: getting FSF Europe, Chatper UK going (was Re: Thanks)

From: Georg C. F. Greve
Subject: Re: getting FSF Europe, Chatper UK going (was Re: Thanks)
Date: 17 Jun 2001 14:11:34 +0200
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 || On 15 Jun 2001 15:56:33 +0200
 || Frederic Couchet <address@hidden> wrote: 

 fc> What do you think about it ?

I was just thinking we should maybe create a template for how to get a
country going with the FSF Europe in order to make it easier for
people to get involved. 

Here is an idea on what such a template might contain:

How to get your country involved in the FSF Europe?

 1.) Is there a mailing list 
     on savannah.gnu.org already? 

     Yes: subscribe to this list. 
     No:  create it. 

 2.) An announcement of your intentions and an introduction of
     yourself is always a good way to start.

     [branch on question in point 1 again]

     Yes: send this mail to "fsfe-<nameofcountry>@gnu.org"
     No:  send this mail to "address@hidden" 
                        and "fsfe-<nameofcountry>@gnu.org"

     CC'ing "address@hidden" for this posting is a good idea. 

 3.) Is there a possible associate organization already?  
     (If you aren't sure whether some organization qualifies or if you
     are uncertain about the criteria, address@hidden will try to
     help you)

     Yes: send mail to the organization and get them involved /
          possibly join that organization.
     No:  gather people to create a Free Software spirited public
          association. This also applies if another organization
          already exists but you think a new organization is really

 4.) Think about who should represent your country in the FSF Europe. 

     The FSF Europe follows a minimum principle in terms of
     membership, so only 2-4 people from a country would normally
     join. These people need to be *very* firm in their understanding
     of Free Software and very dedicated to the Free Software movement
     and philosophy. 

     Also they should be aware that becoming the representative for
     this country is a big responsibility and will mean work. 

     It is an important job to do and people should we aware of this.

 5.) After approval of the candidates by the FSF Europe, get chapter
     going according to the template constitution.

It is very useful to keep address@hidden involved in everything up
to point 3. Then it becomes mandatory. 

The people involved should try to meet as many people of the FSF
Europe as possible at conferences, tradeshows or whatever so the
members of the FSF Europe get a chance to have a personal impression.

Since the President of the FSF Europe has to approve temporary
membership until the next general assembly and take responsibility for
this decision, meeting him (or her) is mandatory.
What do you think? Would something like this help? Should we make a
web page out of this?

I'm thinking that in this case it might be useful to move the
U.K. list in order to allow people to find things more easily.

I'm not saying we have to move it, but I think it might be a good
idea if it doesn't create too much unrest or work for the people


Georg C. F. Greve                                 <address@hidden>
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