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Re: gspell.el - german spell and grammar checking

From: Sebastian Meisel
Subject: Re: gspell.el - german spell and grammar checking
Date: Tue, 25 Sep 2007 19:36:27 +0200
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Richard Stallman schrieb:
If you're going to extend Emacs spell correction, I think the right
place to do it is in ispell.el.  That way it will work right for
ispell and flyspell.

But neither of those is really the right place for this change.
The rigth place is inside the aspell program.

Would you like to implement better understanding of compound words in
aspell?  If you're interested, please talk with the aspell maintainer.

Well the problem is, that this is hard to implement in aspell, as there
a various way's to build compound
words  in german  and - at least  theoreticaly - an infinite number of
possible compund words. The real
problem is to find out about the word bounderies.

So after thinking about it I still think, that this hack is the best
place, espacily as gspell.el does more, than just
extend flyspell. It is sure not very elegant and it would be really nice
to implement this in aspell or at least flyspell.
But there would be need of a totaly different aproche.

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