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Re: definition of "free" for N-millionth time

From: Aaron R. Kulkis
Subject: Re: definition of "free" for N-millionth time
Date: Thu, 15 Mar 2001 09:49:41 -0500

Tim Hanson wrote:
> Pat McCann wrote:
> >
> > Steve Mading <> writes:
> >
> > > The main complaint of the anti-GPL crowd seems to be that they
> > > want free software to be a one-way street - they want to be
> > > parasites of free software rather than participants in it.
> >
> > That starts, continues, and ends in error.
> >
> > The Start - Our main complaint has nothing to do with streets, but with
> > signage.  We think that the pro-GPL crowd is misleading open source
> > software developers into using the GPL without sufficient understanding
> > of the issues on the part of the developers and often (but by no means
> > always) on the part of the pro-GPL crowd.
> I don't know what's to be misunderstood here.  The short answer is that
> if one uses GPL code, his/her code must be GPL also.  Compare that to
> the average commercial click-through EULA and you'll see a big
> difference.
> > The Kernel - No, we want free software to be a two-way street, but we
> > don't set up roadblocks on one side when there's insufficient traffic
> > on the other.
> Rhetoric alert.  "Our side favors two way streets (which means your side
> must favor one-way streets, how terrible).  Not only that, your side
> sets up roadblocks (which means our side must remove roadblocks, goodie
> for us).  We have the white hats here!"  Please.  If we're going to
> discuss this, can you cut the crap?
> Pontification follows:
> > Free software should be about the (often unbalanced)
> > two-way gifting of copyrights and not about the (often unbalanced)
> > two-way trading of copyrights, which is what copyleft is about.
> > ("You
> Okay, so you're here to tell us how the world should work, right?
> Right on schedule, here comes the slurring, hostile, one-phrase
> description of what the GPL is all about:
> > may not derive from my code unless I may derive from yours.")
> Put on your white hat again, here comes some more rhetoric:
> > We think
> Oh we do, do we?  Who is "we?"  Is it the human race?  Perhaps it's
> freedom loving people everywhere, or maybe it's a bunch of programmers
> who don't like the GPL, or maybe it's just you.
> > it is better for everyone if people are allowed to be parasites as they
> > see fit rather than wasting their time recoding from scratch.  Etc.,
> > etc.  We prefer not to deal in the trading of intellectual property
> > rights.  It seems so commercial and proprietary, if you know what I mean.
> Great.  So now those nasty pro-GPLers are commercial and proprietary,
> those bad people!
> > The Unfair Insult - Our arugments contain nothing that depends on any
> > desire to be parasites and not participants.  We could just as well be
> > pure parasites or pure paticipants and have made the same statements.
> > It is very unfair of you to ascribe motives for which you have supplied
> > no evidence and which are irrelevent in any case.
> Pot <--> Kettle

In this case, it's a case of the Pot calling the *snow* black.

> > In closing, our main complaint about the GPL might be that its use has
> > made so many projects ones in which we don't WANT to participate,
> > leaving us generally frustrated and discouraged.
> "Ours?"  Here we have it folks, the chosen representative of all that's
> right about BSD licensing, educating the rest of us right here on
> c.o.l.a.  I feel so honored.
> Oooo!  I'm getting dizzy.  Stop the spinning!!
> --
> "Life may have no meaning -- or even worse, it may have a meaning of
> which I disapprove."

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