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Linux Is Great; Flatfish is a poo poo fish

From: Guess My Sphincta
Subject: Linux Is Great; Flatfish is a poo poo fish
Date: Mon, 24 May 2004 07:51:45 GMT
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Rolf Tollerud wrote:
"Linux is business."

For 8 years now each year has been declared "the year of Linux
desktop", no inroads at all has been made.

Suse is the desktop of choice, worldwide.

"Linux is cheaper, faster, easier."
The professional editions cost the same if not even more, the free
editions are worthless.

They are one in the same.  Suse sells support, not software.

"It has a better distribution system."
Everybody have Windows, even Linux fanatics, and I do not know a
single soul that has paid for it. Only companies and persons that buy
with Windows pre-installed. Windows is the most spread software on the

I paid $89 for 9.0 and just ordered the upgrade for $59. Linux comes preinstalled from, the worlds largest retailer.

"It has a better support system."
Suppport is non-existent. Linux-administrator take it as an insult

Administrators support servers.  Not users.

that they should support an ordinary user. The Win X system/Open
Office crash every 10 min.

When you get excited, does your English decay ?

There are no MSDN system for developers.

Real developers don't need a namby pamby MSDN.

Linux is a 30 year old incorrectly designed OS that should have been

That sentence alone qualifies you for an award of putting the most disinformation in a single sentence. I cannot answer it so much as to ignore it completely.

But you can only dream. You have about 2 years more to dream!

Thank, God.  I'm really tired. Wake me in 2006.

But there is hope. When MS adopts Linux (after the CLR is everywhere)
at last there is going to be some quality Linux distributions. So hang
on! :)

That will never happen. At that point the principle reason for m$ existance ( keeping the stock price high, so Gate$ can sell his shares ) would drop to nothing. Also, any customer who had his arm twisted to get him to pay high costs and implement buggy w2003 servers, would have a right to sue it to the ground.

Basically the owner of M$ is letting it die of natural causes.

In the meanwhile I suggest using Apple OSX.

The Power PC chip is made by IBM. Apple can't write an OS ( it borrowed BSD ) it can't create a chip ( IBM ), it can't run a music service ( publishers forced them to raise prices ) and the one shining light is I-POD, an overblown, heavy and obsolete-at-birth MP3 player, sold mainly to artsy people with too much money.

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