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Re: Linux is SHIT

From: Barak Zalstein
Subject: Re: Linux is SHIT
Date: Mon, 24 May 2004 19:19:15 +0300

"David Kastrup" <> wrote in message

> > So there's an inherent right to use Windows without paying for it,
> > since the alternative is unattractive?
> >
> > Must be the pursuit of happiness includes pretty GUIs.  Of course,
> > there *are* free pretty GUIs, but maybe the pursuit of happiness
> > includes Microsoft GUIs.
> Please notice that the American constitution asserts the right to the
> _pursuit_ of happiness, not the right to happiness itself.
> The pursuit is already possible by earning enough money to _purchase_
> a licence to software with a pretty GUI.
FWIW, it's your constitution, not mine.
So it's not about happiness, it's about being compatible and interoperable
with your environment.


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