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Re: i bought a walmart cheapie

From: Peter Köhlmann
Subject: Re: i bought a walmart cheapie
Date: Fri, 02 Jul 2004 18:40:51 +0200
User-agent: KNode/0.7.7 wrote:

> In comp.os.linux.misc Ivan Marsh <> wrote:
> : On Thu, 01 Jul 2004 13:45:04 +0000, nobod wrote:
> :> Even Outlook and IE are perfectly safe on a properly admined system.
> : Properly admined system: locked in closet, turned off.
> Sounds like a challenge to me!
> Point me to ANY executable ( "virus", web script- anything ) that
> can harm a properly admined Windows system.
> "properly admined" meaning following Microsoft recommendations:
> - user runs as normal user
> - all system areas are read-only to normal user by default though
>   I go further and everything on system is read-only
>   to normal user except for user space and temp.
> This should be very easy for you since there's no firewall
> involved so you can run directly on the system.
> so- any pointers?

You can't be serious. Are you really *that* badly informed?

> This is serious question- never seen any of the so-called
> viruses that don't depend upon having admin ability.

Just wait a second, the nice men with the white coats are just around the
Windows was created to keep stupid people away from UNIX."
  -- Tom Christiansen

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