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Re: Munich converts to GNU/Linux and then FAILS!

From: Alexander Terekhov
Subject: Re: Munich converts to GNU/Linux and then FAILS!
Date: Tue, 10 Aug 2004 18:59:42 +0200

Person with Little Or No Knowledge (MJ Ray *PLONK*er) wrote:
> What URL did the list come from?


Press Release

Munich, 07/30/2004 ...

Today Jens Muehlhaus, an alderman from the Green Party, filed two 
motions in which he calls on the mayor of Munich, the Social 
Democrat Christian Ude, to contact the federal government of Germany 
on this matter and to analyse how the EU software patent directive 
affects Munich's Linux project. The politician, a supporter of free 
source, warns that patent infringement assertions could take entire 
departments of the city administration out of operation. He attached 
the preliminary result of an FFII patent search (contains link to 
the actual PDF patents which are considered infringed) to his motions. 





City of Munich Freezes Its Linux Migration

Slashdot reports about some unease concerning possible patent 
infringements in conjunction with the planned migration of the IT 
systems of the City of Munich to Linux-based solutions. See also 
Expatica. So, why did the municipal administration not check that 
issue earlier? Even if they had decided to renew their contract 
with Microsoft they might have run IT procedures falling under 
some patents. It looks as if the whole thing is carefully plotted 
by FFII in order to stir things. They now enjoy a perfect media 
coverage for free. FFII claims to have conducted a search for 
patents potentially infringed by the Munich Linux project. However, 
the list merely compiles dozens of patent publication numbers, 
some of them even for US patents surely not affecting the Munich 
project. No scrutiniseable explanations are given on why the 
mentioned patents are considered to be infringed. Many of the 
indications are purely speculative. And, finally, even numbers of 
patent applications not yet granted are given. But, nevertheless, 
they have got what they want: A big media coverage as well as 
generating widespread FUD also in the administration of the 
German Parliament ("Bundestag") where the migration of some 
backend IT systems to Linux is also on the agenda.


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