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Re: Patents again

From: threeseas
Subject: Re: Patents again
Date: Wed, 13 Oct 2004 02:31:49 GMT
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Abdullah Ramazanoglu wrote:

[snip - see thread]

As a side note, I must say that I'm shocked with the indifference of the
folks in gnu.misc.discuss group. No one can say something solid that
mitigates the threat, and the more I try to focus on the core issues the
more I get responses focused on the details, ignoring the core question.
If there's no answer, then why this silence? If we accept that there is a
problem, then why don't we start working on it? AFAICS, this is the
ultimate place to go for this issue. Isn't g.m.discuss is the place of
GNU? If this group will be so indifferent on this, then where should we go
for issues regarding GPL and patents? Directly to RMS?

Most puzzling.

you're just full of FUD.

go ahead and prove your case. Sneak some patented code in... take down FOSS.

but know that if you get caught, it backfires and you are held responsible for intentional deception, and libel for it.
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