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Re: Patents again

From: Abdullah Ramazanoglu
Subject: Re: Patents again
Date: Sat, 16 Oct 2004 04:13:50 +0300
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begin  threeseas dedi ki:
> Abdullah Ramazanoglu wrote:
>> begin  Paul Jarc dedi ki:

>> A patented idea can be implemented in a project haphazardly, yes, but it
>> would be spotty and probably easy to deal with. But a deliberate, covert
>> plan would provide for a systematic, mass corruption substantially more
>> difficult to deal with. ....
> [snip]
> and a deliberte, covert plan would also leave a trail of evidence....
> do you really think the justice system is so corrupt that it could 
> ignore such intent to harm others or their works by such deception?

If you give it a second thought from a wider perspective, then the whole
software patents question should have not existed in the first place
today, if one had to trust the justice (sub)system. Why should I have to
trust the whole basket of eggs to justice subsystem exclusively, instead
of (or in addition to) taking proper care of my own self?

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