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Re: why aren't electronics schematics trade secrets?

From: Rich Grise
Subject: Re: why aren't electronics schematics trade secrets?
Date: Fri, 03 Dec 2004 07:37:05 GMT
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On Thu, 02 Dec 2004 22:20:34 -0500, Barry Margolin wrote:

> In article <Xns95B3F395E45C786336@>,
>  Roger Johansson <> wrote:
>> Dan Jacobson <> wrote:
>> > Just curious why electronics schematics aren't closely guarded trade
>> > secrets. Is it because the hard part is making the parts, not
>> > stringing them together?
>> At least 97% of the production use very common circuit solutions,
>> usually copied directly from from the application notes from the
>> manufacturer.
> Anyone remember the days before VLSI took over (60's and 70's), when the
> manual for just about every electronic device included a wiring diagram? I
> remember seeing this in televisions, transistor radios, and even some
> early calculators.

I remember forty or so years ago, we got a stereo and the schematic was
actually pasted on the inside of the cabinet, right alongside the tube
chart. The only tube types I remember seeing are 12AX7. ;-)


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