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RE: Do I have to release the patch for a GPL software under GPL?

From: Dancefire
Subject: RE: Do I have to release the patch for a GPL software under GPL?
Date: Sat, 13 May 2006 04:59:10 +1000

Hi, All,

Well, we just put the discussion of whether the patch should be under GPL
away. We just assume it is under GPL.

So, now, at my current understanding, I can distribute the patch to another
one, with/without commercial behavior. And I have the rights that I do not
public the source code, the only thing I have to do is when I try to
distribute the patched kernel I have to make the whole source code available
to the receiver, and the patch is still under GPL. Right?

And after I distribute the patched kernel, can the receiver public the
patch? If yes, can I put a limit to public the patch? It's ok when we
distribute the patched kernel with source code also available to which we
want to distribute the patched kernel. However, make the patch public
available is not our intention. 

We can and did contribute much code to open source community, but "much"
doesn't mean "all", and should not *have to* be all. In the real world,
obviously, not everyone wants to make all the stuff to public. So, there are
some code in the real world will face the situation I described above.


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Subject: Re: Do I have to release the patch for a GPL software under GPL?

"Dancefire" <> writes:

> Hi, Alexander,
> I am sorry, I am not quite understand your words.

Google for other posts by Alexander.  He is a well-known troll in this
group trying to spread confusion and doubt about the GPL.

Just ignore any advice of his, it's bullshit, and intentionally
misleading.  Some hobby of his.

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