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Re: GPL licenced Java application using non GPL jars (libraries)

From: Ben
Subject: Re: GPL licenced Java application using non GPL jars (libraries)
Date: Tue, 23 May 2006 00:52:59 +0100
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Does this additional exception clause violate the GPL in any way? How can it be compatible with the GPL if the clause states that they can link some non-GPL jars, yet the GPL states all the linked in libraries (distributed as a whole) must be GPL?

Its getting confusing... and I think some of this problem is down to my misunderstanding but I think I'm almost there. If we can nail this issue down its very likely I'll use GNU GPL 2 with an exception clause.



Rui Miguel Silva Seabra wrote:
Seg, 2006-05-22 às 20:55 +0100, Ben escreveu:
The risk lies in that the GPL may be make GPL the libraries my code uses - that are under different licences. This would mean that any recipient of my GPL code could also assume those associated libraries are GPL (when clearly they may not be)

This is what concerns me, unless you can prove otherwise.

For what its worth I'm also now looking at using the CPL instead.

That's a not very safe way of doing it.

I strongly suggest you use the GNU GPL with an additional exception
clause, for instance:

        This program is licensend under the GNU GPL (bla bla...) and
        I also allow you to link my program with library X, licensed
        under the Apache Software License 2.0.

See? Easy, no? And the GNU GPL is better understood and will allow you
to link your software with other GPL'ed software (+- 80% of Free
Software, if you add to it the Lesser GPL'ed software), whilst with CPL
you will not be able to license your program at all with the ASL 2.0,
but _ALSO_ you will exclude your program from sharing code with +-80% of
Free Software.

That's not very sane. Here's another text you can read on why it's good
to have GNU GPL compatibility, by David Wheeler:



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