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Re: IBM's appellee brief in Wallace case

From: Alexander Terekhov
Subject: Re: IBM's appellee brief in Wallace case
Date: Thu, 20 Jul 2006 09:59:51 +0200

Alabama Petrofsky wrote:
> The GPL is not, however, a price restraint at all. To the contrary, it 

Yeah, and the sky is green. In the GNU Republic.

> provides that there shall be "no" price for licenses to permit the 
> licenses to be freely available to all. GPL at 2. The Preamble to the GPL
> is informative as to the nature of "free" software:

There must be something in the GPL (especially its manifesto part) that
causes brain malfunction. 

> In the unlikely event a licensor wished to license modifications to 
> software under the GPL at a price below zero ...

Then we could all quit the jobs and become billionaires by making copies
of negatively priced GPL software. My, and they even dare to claim that 
Wallace argument is "untenable".


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