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Re: Is it possible to write GPL-Modules for closed-source Software?

From: Michael Bubb
Subject: Re: Is it possible to write GPL-Modules for closed-source Software?
Date: Wed, 2 Aug 2006 16:53:01 -0400

Ditto. I subscribe to this list because licensing issues in general
are intersting to me. And because I end up using a fair amount of fsf
software on a daily basis (gcc, emacs, etc). I am by no means a
'diehard' fsf member.

Alexander, you dont help to educate me on these matters. I gain
nothing from your posts beyond irritation and puzzlement. I look for a
thread in the argument  and find only vitriol. The fact that you are
allowed to continue on the list is testament to a commitment to
democracy and free speech (however illused). My local lug would have
banned you a long time ago.

I realize I am just adding to your enjoyment by answering you, but I
want you to know that if you are doing this to drive people away from
the list it is not working for me. Like Stephan I have my own
Alexander rule and though you have changed your email at least once in
the past few months. I will continue to block it.

General thanks to the others on the list (it is still worth it)


On 8/2/06, Stephan Kuhagen <> wrote:
Dear Alexander

> GPL your wife and kinds as well. Then invite RMS to deliver a speech
> to your Institute/Company' BETRIEBSHAUPTVERSAMMLUNG or some such. Book
> a Hilton (or some such) for him -- he likes good food.

Since you continue to give unuseful comments and start getting personal, I
will try to make it easier for you, to spend your time with more productive
things. You have now your own filter-rule in my newsreader, so there is no
use posting any further comments to me. Thank you for your efforts.


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