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Re: license question with non-GPL library

From: Stefaan A Eeckels
Subject: Re: license question with non-GPL library
Date: Wed, 16 Aug 2006 17:05:00 +0200

On Wed, 16 Aug 2006 16:59:30 +0200
Alexander Terekhov <> wrote:

> Apart from libraries, you GPL your mother, brother, dad, and sisters. 
> And on your free time, you don't copulate with GPL incompatible
> girls. 
> Ask GNUtian ams <> for details. He's an expert in GPL 
> compatible sex affairs.

It's no longer funny, Alex. 

I wonder what need of yours is being met by your bizarre obsession with
the GPL. Are you bored, is this your idea of a good time, or is there
something wrong with your brain chemistry? Inquiring minds want to know.

Stefaan A Eeckels
One of the greatest delusions in the world is the hope that the evils 
in this world are to be cured by legislation.          -- Thomas Reed

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