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Re: GNU licenses

From: mike4ty4
Subject: Re: GNU licenses
Date: 5 Sep 2006 19:49:22 -0700
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Alfred M. Szmidt wrote:
> >    Perhaps, if I was planning a commercial project. Of course if
>    >    I was making a program that I had no profit plans for
>    >    whatsoever, nothing, I wouldn't mind GPLing it.
>    >
>    > The GNU GPL doesn't prohibit commerical explotation of software;
>    > infact if a license does not allows such explotation it is
>    > considered non-free.
>    I want to maximize profit, as I _need_ this money. By the way, can
>    one make decent money selling open-source GNU software? How good an
>    income can you get? If it's good then maybe GNU isn't as bad as I
>    think.
> GNU software is not open source, it is free software.  The open source
> movement is a completely different movement, please do not confuse the
> two.  You can make money making free software, G10 works on the GNU
> Privacy Guard, there are several consulatant firms that do free
> software exclusivley, for example the maintainer of the GNU Shishi
> project.  Daniel from the looks gets paid for doing free software
> work.  RMS made his liviving for the first few years by selling tapes
> of Emacs and adding features for a fee.  Use your imagination.

But GPL software due to the nature of the license requires the
code be released and that's what I mean by "open-source".

>    >    Everyone's been saying that I've got all rights to MY ORIGINAL
>    >    CODE but I don't in this case!
>    >
>    > You have the rights to your own code, what you do not have the
>    > right to is the other persons code which is licensed under a
>    > specific license.  If you wish to use that code, then you must
>    > abide by that license.
>    In other words, give up some of the rights to that original code,
>    namely the ability to create non-GPL works from parts of it (if I
>    go and distribute the combined work). Right?
> Again, you do not give up any right to the original code, you are
> still the copyright holder of it.  If you use someone elses code, then
> you must abide by that liecnse; in this case the GNU GPL.

That's what I mean! If I want to use the other person's code I have
to agree to the license, which requires me to give up some rights,
to "pay" so to speak, or not use it at all.

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