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Re: GNU licenses

From: Richard Tobin
Subject: Re: GNU licenses
Date: 7 Sep 2006 16:09:40 GMT

In article <>, Miles Bader  <> wrote:

>>>Then you'd better stop releasing your code under the GPL (or any other Free
>>>license) because they certainly can make money out of it and not pay you

>> Very likely, but it's not so important that I'm going to go to great
>> lengths about it.  It seems to work in practice.

>I look at it this way:  If they're making money with it, they're likely
>to put some effort into improving / maintaining it, and with the GPL I
>stand a good chance at getting those improvements back.

There are cases where there's not the slightest chance of someone
using my code if it's GPLed, and I (or more likely my employer, which
is a University) have to decide whether it's better that they use my
code (under a different licence) or someone else's.  In that case, we
might well license it to them for a fee which will (in theory) support
our own further development.

-- Richard

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