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GNU/Linux Super Promotion on VISTA release day.

From: Karen Hill
Subject: GNU/Linux Super Promotion on VISTA release day.
Date: 2 Oct 2006 11:01:44 -0700
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GNU Day everyone,

As we are all well aware,  Vista is upon us soon.  This means the MS
marketing machine will be in full effect in a few mere months.  Rather
than just sit by and let Vista come into dominance, we must perpare a
marketing campaign to counter the monopoly's efforts.  Since GNU
software lacks the funds to advertise in the media, it should use
Public Relations and publicity stunts to gain attention when the
nations of the world will be focused on the release of Vista.

The danger is that DRM media is the next competition between the free
[software] world and the toltarian software world.  Media player 9,
specifically wmv3 content are not playable on any free software to
date.  Many sites will only have wmv3 content on them now, forcing free
software users out of enjoying content.

Here are some ideas to promote free software.

First we need something to promote. We must have a brand new release of
a super GNU/Linux Distro that supports media playing out of the box as
well as read/write ntfs OR a Reiser/ext3 filesystem on Windows.  This
will allow dual booting and sharing of data on a common partition.

If this media playing is going to be a GNU file format like orgg vorbis
then you NEED content!!!  Better yet exclusive content.  Create an
artist's website where only org vorbis files exist and you NEED
GNU/Software to read it.  Otherwise, you need legal Mp3 support and WMV
support out of the box. Find some rich guy like the Ubantu guy to
purchase licenses to mp3 for the software you will give away.  Then,
embrace and extend  to allow automatic conversion to org vorbis.  Oh by
the way kill the org vorbis name.  It sucks.  Name it "Super Media".
That way people will say, yeah my favorite song uses "Super Media" to
play.  Better yet, call it Super Media 2007.

 It should be called "Ultimate eXtreme Computer 2007"

It should be based on KDE desktop but with all the applications RENAMED
to describe what they do.  So NO Kthis and Kthat!  Only the best
software should be included which I will list:
GIMP renamed to: Photo Editor 2007
OpenOffice renamed to: Power Office 2007
Firefox renamed to:  Internet Browser 2007
Myth TV functionality renamed to: eXtreme TV 2007.
Wine should not be renamed, it should be a subsystem that the user
doesn't even have to know about!!!!  Make sure the top 100 programs
work under wine.  95% of users just use about 100 of the same programs.

Rename KDE to "Ultimate eXtreme Computer 2007" and MAKE IT LOOK GOOD
OUT OF THE BOX.  Whenever I first install KDE I must tweak it for hours
to make it look good.  The default icons are terrible!  Have a rich guy
like the Ubantu guy hire some pro- artists with taste!

Now on release day, you need at least TWO exciting modern games that
will run on "Ultimate eXtreme Computer 2007".  Really, you need at
least two that will run without any configuration at all, and then
market that fact as well.  Embrace and extend a feature like network
support on the games that will require "Ultimate eXtreme Computer 2007"
on those games.

Now onto marketing:

Release on Vista release day.  When the news media announce the release
of vista send PR kits to them announcing a Vista competitor.  Buy the
reporters a beer and take then out to a nice dinner.  They don't make
that much and they will appreciate it.

Have a penguin fest at Lake Washington with a model show.

Hire beautiful models to give out "GNU/Ultimate eXtreme Computer 2007"
CDs in front of big box retailers.  There will be people waiting
outside in lines to buy Vista. If you can't hire models, ask your hot
sisters to.

Respond with more marketing suggestions!

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