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Re: GNU/Linux Super Promotion on VISTA release day.

From: Hadron Quark
Subject: Re: GNU/Linux Super Promotion on VISTA release day.
Date: Tue, 03 Oct 2006 01:03:05 +0200
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"Karen Hill" <> writes:

> GNU Day everyone,
> As we are all well aware,  Vista is upon us soon.  This means the MS
> marketing machine will be in full effect in a few mere months.  Rather
> than just sit by and let Vista come into dominance, we must perpare a
> marketing campaign to counter the monopoly's efforts.  Since GNU
> software lacks the funds to advertise in the media, it should use
> Public Relations and publicity stunts to gain attention when the
> nations of the world will be focused on the release of Vista.
> The danger is that DRM media is the next competition between the free
> [software] world and the toltarian software world.  Media player 9,
> specifically wmv3 content are not playable on any free software to
> date.  Many sites will only have wmv3 content on them now, forcing free
> software users out of enjoying content.
> Here are some ideas to promote free software.
> First we need something to promote. We must have a brand new release of
> a super GNU/Linux Distro that supports media playing out of the box as
> well as read/write ntfs OR a Reiser/ext3 filesystem on Windows.  This
> will allow dual booting and sharing of data on a common partition.
> If this media playing is going to be a GNU file format like orgg vorbis
> then you NEED content!!!  Better yet exclusive content.  Create an
> artist's website where only org vorbis files exist and you NEED
> GNU/Software to read it.  Otherwise, you need legal Mp3 support and WMV
> support out of the box. Find some rich guy like the Ubantu guy to
> purchase licenses to mp3 for the software you will give away.  Then,
> embrace and extend  to allow automatic conversion to org vorbis.  Oh by
> the way kill the org vorbis name.  It sucks.  Name it "Super Media".
> That way people will say, yeah my favorite song uses "Super Media" to
> play.  Better yet, call it Super Media 2007.
>  It should be called "Ultimate eXtreme Computer 2007"
> It should be based on KDE desktop but with all the applications RENAMED
> to describe what they do.  So NO Kthis and Kthat!  Only the best
> software should be included which I will list:
> GIMP renamed to: Photo Editor 2007
> OpenOffice renamed to: Power Office 2007
> Firefox renamed to:  Internet Browser 2007
> Myth TV functionality renamed to: eXtreme TV 2007.
> Wine should not be renamed, it should be a subsystem that the user
> doesn't even have to know about!!!!  Make sure the top 100 programs
> work under wine.  95% of users just use about 100 of the same programs.
> Rename KDE to "Ultimate eXtreme Computer 2007" and MAKE IT LOOK GOOD
> OUT OF THE BOX.  Whenever I first install KDE I must tweak it for hours
> to make it look good.  The default icons are terrible!  Have a rich guy
> like the Ubantu guy hire some pro- artists with taste!
> Now on release day, you need at least TWO exciting modern games that
> will run on "Ultimate eXtreme Computer 2007".  Really, you need at
> least two that will run without any configuration at all, and then
> market that fact as well.  Embrace and extend a feature like network
> support on the games that will require "Ultimate eXtreme Computer 2007"
> on those games.
> Now onto marketing:
> Release on Vista release day.  When the news media announce the release
> of vista send PR kits to them announcing a Vista competitor.  Buy the
> reporters a beer and take then out to a nice dinner.  They don't make
> that much and they will appreciate it.
> Have a penguin fest at Lake Washington with a model show.
> Hire beautiful models to give out "GNU/Ultimate eXtreme Computer 2007"
> CDs in front of big box retailers.  There will be people waiting
> outside in lines to buy Vista. If you can't hire models, ask your hot
> sisters to.
> Respond with more marketing suggestions!

Great troll!

        "You might as well say "yes", the sheets are messy already."

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