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Re: and busybox fellows 'win' DEFAULT JUDGMENT

From: Rahul Dhesi
Subject: Re: and busybox fellows 'win' DEFAULT JUDGMENT
Date: Fri, 12 Sep 2008 22:19:26 +0000 (UTC)
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Rjack <> writes:

> >> Since the Busybox default judgment didn't occur on a writ of error or
>appeal, I don't see how the quoted fragment applies. <<

>Rahul, Rahul read and believe before you make a complete jackass
>of yourself:

[ a whole bunch of quotes from many cases ]

Rjack, this is quite remarkable. You quote a Supreme Court case, and I
point out that you spliced out the important context. So now you offer
even more out-of-context quotes.

And still no amicus brief.

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