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Re: Matt Assay Tells the Truth

From: Hyman Rosen
Subject: Re: Matt Assay Tells the Truth
Date: Thu, 26 Feb 2009 13:34:49 -0500
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Alexander Terekhov wrote:
The Largest Cult in the world: GNU/GPL

I can only imagine that your pain is proportional to the length
of your post, but really, it's all in your head.

The FSF believes that someone who obtains software should have
the freedom to run it, read it, modify it, and share it. While
they would like this to be true for all software, they invented
the GPL so that like-minded developers could insure this freedom
for the software they wrote.

There are other software developers who do not want their users
to have these freedoms, but would like to incorporate GPLed
software into the products they supply to their users. The FSF
is happy to have these programmers inconvenienced, and their
complaints about being unable to share in the GPL's bounty is
sweet music. Many of these complaints degenerate into desperate
ad hominem attacks and insane rants, as we see here.

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