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Re: GPL traitor !

From: Hyman Rosen
Subject: Re: GPL traitor !
Date: Tue, 19 May 2009 18:22:03 -0400
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Joerg Schilling wrote:
Also remember Veritas.....

Doing a little searching found me this:
    From: Josselin Mouette <>
    To: Joerg Schilling <>,
    Date: Thu, 22 Jun 2006 01:43:24 +0200
    Joerg, we are not going to include this version, and we are not going to
    make nautilus-cd-burner use cdrecord instead of dvd+rw-tools. I thought
    this would already be clear. Please stop annoying our users with
    suggestions that have nothing to do with the topic.

So apparently people have been considering you to be wrong for
at least three years. I suspect it's even longer than that.

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