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Re: [News] SFLC Responds to Copyright Misconceptions, Presents Moglen T

From: David Kastrup
Subject: Re: [News] SFLC Responds to Copyright Misconceptions, Presents Moglen Talk
Date: Wed, 10 Feb 2010 16:20:14 +0100
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Alexander Terekhov <> writes:

> At some point, the New York bar will have no choice but to disbar the
> entire gang of utterly incompetent GNU arch legal beagles from SFLC
> for consistent filing of frivolous lawsuits such as
> in which (1) "the Software Freedom Conservancy" is utterly frivolous
> 'plaintiff' because it doesn't own ANY busybox copyrights and (2) Erik
> Andersen is also utterly frivolous 'plaintiff' because he was NOT
> joined by Bruce Perens and other contributors to the joint work known
> as busybox at

Under your legal theories, Apple could not sue for violation of MacOSX
licenses unless Berkeley university joins their lawsuit.

But it's certainly not the first time that the reality in the courts
does not match your wet dreams.  You'll be sulking over "drunken judges"
and whatever else soon again, no doubt.

David Kastrup

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