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Re: Big blow to proprietary linking nonsense.

From: amicus_curious
Subject: Re: Big blow to proprietary linking nonsense.
Date: Wed, 08 Dec 2010 15:55:56 -0000

"RJack" <> wrote in message
Hyman Rosen wrote:

Remember, the purpose of the GPL is to provide freedom for users of software. That's why users are permitted to do all of this without restriction. But in order to provide freedom for all users, once someone wants to convey a covered work, they must do so under the terms of the GPL, so that the recipients can share in the same freedom.

Remember. . . LMAO.

Anything Richard Stallman dreams up, including the claim that "a
copyright license is not a contract" is in your credo. Good luck.

I think that was Moglen who came up with that.  Stallman is not so astute.

Stallman is a odd duck with an odd appearance and a even odder mantra. For years he shamelessly used the banner of MIT to hide his mere Harvard undergraduate qualifications. He is a technician run amok and is no true son of MIT. He is a charlatan to the core and parades his silly image in front of wannabe dweebs who confuse such shenanigans with technical urbanity. Linux, Apache, PHP, and even MySQL have a legitimate place in the world as public domain, generic solutions to many IT needs, but the sideshow of the GPL and Stallman's musings do not.

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