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Re: Let's discuss these guys - Dfinity

From: gary
Subject: Re: Let's discuss these guys - Dfinity
Date: Sun, 14 Mar 2021 00:20:35 +0000
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While a cryptocurrency such as Bitcoin has no middleman that takes some of the 
profits in a transaction, some amount that you pay (which is often quite 
expensive these days) is a fee that goes to paying people who are supporting 
the network by mining.

With blockchain tech, one of the biggest theoretically advantages of it is that 
it can only fail if everyone stops supporting it (or if a vulnerability that 
compromises the network is found, but there's no high-profile examples of this 
ever happening; there's other theoretical but unproven methods of compromising 
a network as well). If a currency or a government fails, such as with 
hyperinflation, you could lose all of your money, but as long as people use 
bitcoin and the network doesn't fail, it is generally safe from a total 
collapse in value in a way that no centralized currency like USD is. As a 
possible example of this, I believe the recent surge in Bitcoin's price is in 
part caused by the inflation of the US dollar that many people are expecting to 
happen as a result of COVID-19.

Never heard of Holochain before, but it sounds like an interesting project as 

On Fri, Mar 12, 2021 at 03:54:28PM +0530, Zany And Crazy wrote:
> OK, so I was watching this:
> Are these guys the good guys? I *want* to believe everything that
> they're saying, all this stuff about "open" internet services, problem
> is, most of those "open" services have or are going to have, a
> *BIZMAN* behind them! *This* I have a problem with - the entire thing
> almost keeps talking about MONEY! I'm only somewhat knowledgeable
> about Blockchain, mainly because I don't know anyone I can trust to
> answer some straight questions for me - am I right in saying, for
> example, that if you shop on something like , ALL your
> money goes to the guy MAKING that product, the *platform* makes
> nothing?? Isn't that what blockchain IS, removing the middleman?? So -
> that would be the end of Amazon then? So - where is the question of
> VCs, exits, capital, blah blah blah HERE?
> Is anybody here BUILDING on this thing? Do we trust it?? What about
> the OTHER "decentralised web" projects like Tim Berners Lee's Solid,
> Holochain etc? Which ones of these are OPEN standards?
> Anybody care to clear it up? :)

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