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SSPL or server side public license, GNU better update the AGPL

From: Jean Louis
Subject: SSPL or server side public license, GNU better update the AGPL
Date: Thu, 18 Mar 2021 22:08:02 +0300

The AGPL does not enforce the publishing of the source code when used
server side.

Github blog: What’s up with these new not-open source licenses?

is mentioning:

In response to this pressure, many open-core or dual-license
companies, including Confluent, MongoDB, Cockroach Labs, Redis Labs,
Timescale, and Graylog moved away from OSI-approved licenses to
licenses that are not ‘open source.’ These new ‘source available’
licenses contain restrictions to prevent cloud infrastructure
providers from building a service out of their code.

Example is MongoDB changing from AGPL to SSPL or Server Side Public
License and enforcing the source code to be available rather than just
a prominent offer as in the AGPL, as enforcement is difficult,
requires expensive litigations.

The PDF with changes to AGPL is on this hyperlink:

Maybe it is the time to update the AGPL to enforce the source to be
available when program is served server side?


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