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Re: Web versions

From: Jean Louis
Subject: Re: Web versions
Date: Mon, 15 Mar 2021 20:41:03 +0300
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* aviva <> [2021-03-15 17:02]:
> On 3/15/21 6:15 AM, Jean Louis wrote:
> >  Is there a person that was hurt?
> When software is hijacked, people get hurt.  google it yourself.

As side notes, I do understand your intentions and from that viewpoint
we are on the same side. We all support GNU and free software.

In conversation it would be better if you provide facts, some existing
real information that one can rely upon. To say that some software
hurts people is too general.

You said "when software is hijacked" -- but I do not know how it
relates to this WebAssembly subject. As a side note, I have been using
free software operating systems since quite some time, like 2 decades,
and several times it got hijacked, and users' data was
compromised. Free software is not inherently secure.

People get hurt, yes, some people including me, got hurt through
hijacking, but I do not see how it is related to
WebAssembly. Incidents I know have taken place on Debian
GNU/Linux. There are so many security incidents that many devices can
be hijacked and spied upon. Free software is often used in such
devices. For example Minix is used in Intel management engine chips.

Security is technical aspect, it should not be relevant for freedom to
use software as one wish.



"to google" is not really a verb. I myself use various other search
engines, normally I do not use Google, but I may do so from time to
time. I have almost forgot about it.

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