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Re: Truth matters when writing software and selecting leaders

From: Jean Louis
Subject: Re: Truth matters when writing software and selecting leaders
Date: Sun, 28 Mar 2021 09:47:26 +0300
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* shulie <> [2021-03-27 21:28]:
> On 3/24/21 10:55 PM, Jacob Bachmeyer wrote:
> >
> > As I understand, RMS always thought that proprietary software
> > companies would make some kind of large legal attack on the GNU project, 

> no - this is just how the extreme left works now.  They scream until you
> agree with them.

We are here together because of free software, that is where we can
agree upon that we like it, promote it, it is useful, helps people,
preserves users freedom and control of their data.

Yes, there can be attacks on GNU, FSF, RMS, free software -- this has
been taking on and on for long time, starting with Microsoft, UNIX
trademarks, proprietary software companies not respecting GPL, and
there are many serious, highly interested corporations that wish to
see both FSF and GNU and RMS and decline of free software.

There are interests to legally break private encryption, to open up
backdoors in encryption.

One word of RMS spoken in public is more worth thant 10000 people
speaking in public related to encryption safety!

Those large corporations such as Bill Gates corporation have vested
interest in proprietary software!

Look just at vaccines, it is multi-billion dollar business run by Bill
Gates -- vaccines are proprietary and there may be intention to even
implant chips into human bodies.

If we fight now for freedom for users to control their data, we are
fighting for control of human society in future.

If RMS/FSF/GNU/Free Software go down now, we are defeated and we let
those corporations control every single citizen on this planet.

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