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Version 0.4 Windows again

From: Robert Jenkins
Subject: Version 0.4 Windows again
Date: Fri, 11 Oct 2002 09:40:43 +0100


I noticed the message re. the 'repackaged GNUe-Tools' file, but there
was no mention of what it was or why it should be used in place of the
'official' 0.4 setup.

I've since tried several times to download it, but so far all I cannot
even get the page, I just get 110 errors.

What is the difference betweem this and the original release, and what
do I need to do to make the existing install run?

Re. the config file format;

One of the comments by the GNUe people was that they need users! The
majority of desktop systems are still Windows based (like the company
I'm hoping to use GNUe with). 

Many Windows users will simply give up on a program that does not work
first time, or needs things doing that they don't understand, like
re-formatting files. Once a program is installed and running, most
people will put some effort into learning how to operate it, but not if
it won't install!

I'm not criticising for my own sake, I'm trying to point out what needs
to be done to improve the acceptability and general user friendliness of
the package.

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