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Re: Version 0.4 Windows again

From: Bajusz Tamás
Subject: Re: Version 0.4 Windows again
Date: Sat, 12 Oct 2002 18:04:15 +0200


> I noticed the message re. the 'repackaged GNUe-Tools' file, but there
> was no mention of what it was or why it should be used in place of the
> 'official' 0.4 setup.
In the official 0.4.0 setup gnue-designer.exe is not running.
It is a packaging mistake, gnue-designer is good (of course).
So i'v made a repackaging from the official released *.zip files.
Plus i added some additional db drivers.
These are listed in the

> I've since tried several times to download it, but so far all I cannot
> even get the page, I just get 110 errors.
I tried from here (Szeged/Hungary) and it worked for me.
I'm not a 'net guru', so don't know...

> What is the difference betweem this and the original release, and what
> do I need to do to make the existing install run?
As i mentioned above, a working gnue-designer.exe and
some additional drivers (firebird, sapdb, appserver).

> Re. the config file format;
> One of the comments by the GNUe people was that they need users! The
> majority of desktop systems are still Windows based (like the company
> I'm hoping to use GNUe with).
> Many Windows users will simply give up on a program that does not work
> first time, or needs things doing that they don't understand, like
> re-formatting files. Once a program is installed and running, most
> people will put some effort into learning how to operate it, but not if
> it won't install!
The core gnue people are not windows fans, they mainly use debian-linux.
I myself try to help testing on win32 and making patches if i can.
But at home i have only a slow modem, so a didn't downloaded and
tested the official exe, just *.zip...
I'm just a volunteer in GNUe :)

> I'm not criticising for my own sake, I'm trying to point out what needs
> to be done to improve the acceptability and general user friendliness of
> the package.
Thank you very much for your notices.

Bajusz Tamás (btami)

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